htmlgrep 2.2

The "htmlgrep" compiled as 32-bit executable file for Windows platform (Win32), but versions of 64-bit Windows are also able to run this 32-bit application.

This is a way to execute XPath expression against the specified html files. Utility for searching cleaned document tree with XPath expressions.

Some examples of supported axes:

  • //H1
  • //H1[@id]
  • //H1[@id='value']
  • //*[@id]
  • //comment()
  • //*
	htmlgrep - print html items matching a pattern (xpath expression)
	htmlgrep [OPTIONS] [[-e] PATTERN] [FILE...]
	htmlgrep searches the named input FILEs
	(or standard input if no files are named,
	or if a single hyphen-minus (-) is given as file name)
	for html items containing a match to the given XPATH.  
	By default, grep prints the matching items on the stdout.
	-h,--help	Print a usage message briefly summarizing
			these command-line options and
			the bug-reporting address, then exit.
	-V,--version	Print the version number of grep
			to the standard output stream.
			This version number should be included
			in all bug reports (see below).
	-d,--debug	Verbose mode.  Causes tool to print
			debugging messages about its progress.
	-e,--expr param	Interpret PATTERN as an XPATH expression
	-i,--inpt param	Set the input character encoding
			for parsing markup (output is always utf8).
			Values include: ascii, latin1, raw,
			utf8, iso2022, mac, win1252, utf16le,
			utf16be, utf16, big5 and shiftjis.
			Case in-sensitive. For unsupported encodings,
			use an external utility to convert
			to and from utf8.
	-m,--mode param	Suppress default output mode!
			Usually there is stdout mode (0),
			but you can use other supported modes such as:
			1   -   Save only one output file 'all.lst'
				with all the collected matches.
			2   -   Save search matches into new files,
				using basename and extension the source file
				as template to specify
				the target file for each item. 
	-n,--nth param	It prints from the Nth line of the input,
			to the line which matches the PATTERN.
	-p,--prnt	Print the file name for each match.
	Reporting Bugs
		Email bug reports to bug_sender.php,
		htmlgrep's bug tracker	is located at

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